About Krakow

Krakow for centuries was a capital of Poland and very important trade, university and culture city. Even after capital was moved to Warsaw, it has never lost its importance.

Krakow is perfectly located in the south of Poland not far from Slovakia, Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, Ukraine and Austria. To Krakow (and nearby Katowice) you can fly from many European cities and thanks to several connecting flights everyday to Warsaw almost from any place in the world. Using the past experience we will advise you the best way how to reach here. See Krakow on the map.

To learn about attractions of Krakow
please download either short guide or long guide.

Concert venues

Festival will be held in Krakow churches:
St. Catherine Church, St, Martin church, Piarist Church,
and many other venues with great acoustics.

CRACOVIA SACRA - Sacred Choral Music Festival in Krakow | e-mail: info@poloniacantat.pl | www.poloniacantat.pl |